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Ray Krishnamurthy
Ray Krishnamurthy

The Ruthless Tickling Comic

Here is a great set-up scene for our newest tickle torture comic book, The Ruthless #11. This shows a rather *ahem* revealing shot of Tracy about to get further revenge on her fallen adversary Ariel. When initially set up, this fight was supposed to be a fight to the death, a last woman standing showdown. Doctor Collins already passed out from Ariel's sadism, and Ariel drove Tracy insane with her tickling techniques. Now that Tracy has found her power and lost her mind, can Ariel possibly survive?I like this scene for a few reasons: First, what a great angle! We see Tracy exposed a bit, and Ariel just dreading what is coming next. She's already been through hours of prodding and tickling, forced to laugh beyond anything she's ever imagined. And now it's going to start again, and she knows it.Second, Tracy was driven made by Ariel. The two long-time foes squared off face to face, and Ariel took things too far, and Tracy's mind shattered as a result of the tickling. Now she speaks in a stream of consciousness style that displays the major schism of her brain. This half-speak has also driven Ariel crazy as the redhead has been trying to communicate with her tormentor Tracy for the last couple of issues. But Tracy is a sadism, childlike shell of her former self. Third, this scene sets up a beautiful device that Jon dreamed up for this issue. The feather machine here is made to mimic Tracy's fingers movements. When Tracy extend a finger, the feather likewise extends. And you can only imagine where she wants that feather machine, and the kind of finger motions that follow...Poor Ariel.Eh screw that. She's getting what she deserves

the ruthless tickling comic

The Tickle Maven is your ghostly hostess for a ticklish trio of terrifying torture-tales! Ghosts and banshees don't howl as loudly as the laughing ladies in these stories! So sit down and prepare to be frightened...whoever knew tickling could be so scary?

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