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Craft Materials

Earth and Partners

Beautiful Handmade Creations

Earth and Partners, is working with handicrafts and other art forms. The endeavor is to bring in a fresh contemporary perspective into the remarkably rich artistic heritage of the traditional art forms. It is working closely with its partners like traditional artisans in remote locations, talented artists from our cities, towns and villages, including those with formal art college trainings and NGOs, among others. For example, the art areas in Bengal include sabai grass from jongolmohol, madur from midnapur, dokra from Birbhum, sitalpati from North Bengal, terracotta from Dakshin Dinajpur, to name a few.  Born just before the current pandemic, the organization has already developed a significant spread of artefacts with its design blue prints and guidance eliciting very encouraging feedback from both domestic and international customers.

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