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Wall Decor: Tribal painting on wood-mache

Wall Decor: Tribal painting on wood-mache

Wood-mache plaque made in the traditional Bengal Sara shape that is light, and sturdy with unique hand-painting. The wood-mache puts waste sawdust to an environment-friendly creative use. With this, we have a light yet reasonably strong artifact to deck up a wall and a room. 
  • Material


  • Color

    Red, orange, white, black
  • Size

    Diameter: 20 cm (8")
  • Shape


  • Usage

    As a wall hanging crafted to bring taste and rustic artistry into the room
  • Care Instruction

    Handle delicately. Avoid harsh environment. Clean gently with soft, clean, brush. Can wipe with damp cloth if needed. We recommend the item to be immediately dried in shade. Exposure to direct sunlight fades the colors faster.
  • Return Policy

    Handmade items carry imperfections with quality and size that are typical of handmade. Our standard quality check processes usually suffice to eliminate any significant issues upfront. Individual items are likely to vary from each other as these are not factory-made. Those minor color differences between photographs and actuals are not accepted as a reason for return /replacements.
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