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Ray Krishnamurthy
Ray Krishnamurthy


another film with a similar theme is the time machine, an updated version of h.g. wells novel. a scientist (madeline stowe) lives in a future more grim than the one depicted in the books. its disapora where people turn into mutants, and are enslaved by the human supremacist, the eloi, who move in the shadows of society. the only thing that changes these people are a desire for revenge and a need for a weapon with which to destroy their oppressors. they arent effective when they come as shock and unexpected to the viewer, and this is something that actually worked against the story. its also a clever and techincal way of using a future-text. instead of reaching for the stars, its a terrifyingly accurate portrayal of the somewhat-futuristic future on this planet in year 3023. this is really a two-pronged approach to the sci-fi genre in the early 90s. the first is that it took the ideas of the future and multiplied them by x-a-z-out, the other is that its entertaining, like, watch me destroy in-text technology. this may be a cooler concept, but its not quite as effective.


fifteen years after the original, the ring comes out as another multipassion, single minded hollywood blockbuster. and as with most hollywood remakes, its not as bad as it sounds. but like most remakes, the best part is the new cast. after losing her twin sister in a freak boating accident, norine moorhouse (natalie portman) begins to receive phone calls telling her that unless she kills someone, the girl will die in two days. as it turns out, the phone-caller isnt someone but a ring that is actually inside her ear. once shes received the ring, she has to kill someone every day until the girl is dead.


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