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Matthew Perez
Matthew Perez

Glitch 3x5 UPDATED

Stripe is rewarded with an erotic dream following his kills, but his MASS glitches during it. After further malfunctions the following day, Stripe has his MASS tested and consults a psychologist, Arquette (Michael Kelly), but neither visit reveals any problems.

Glitch 3x5

Stripe awakens in a cell, where Arquette apologises for his MASS glitch, caused by the LED device. Arquette reveals that MASS alters soldiers' senses so they can kill without hesitation or remorse, and that Stripe consented to this when he enlisted before having his memory wiped. Stripe has the choice to allow his MASS and memory to be reset, or to be imprisoned. Arquette forces Stripe to rewatch the sensory feed of his farmhouse raid, where he now sees himself gruesomely killing people.

There may be a glitch or bug. I have not gotten any mail from "E," although I have gone through much of Dry Top (8 POI; 2 WP; 2 Vistas; 1 SP) I have just gotten the update of 01:40 A.M. July 2, 2014, Server time. --Gold Recluse (talk) 01:51, 2 July 2014 (UTC)

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