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Ray Krishnamurthy
Ray Krishnamurthy

Special Id Hindi Dubbed

saverin, muggs, tippu, tippu's men and lisa are fighting it out in the ratanpur jungle with their sticks and stones. the small stick that saverin carries from here on proves to be his undoing. from here on, the sid movie takes us to the highway. we begin to see the crowded condition of the highway, and the sense of fear spreads among the people. all the characters turn their back and cross the highway, once the cops turn their backs. the sid movie starts from here on, with saverin and muggs in the middle of the highway. the cops shout at them, and then inform them that their flight from the police is over.

Special Id Hindi Dubbed

lead actor donnie yen returns to contemporary action to recreate the scenes that made him an asian action star. yen plays a long-time hitman who's trying to escape his past in order to become a family man. yes, it takes a bloody overture before he's successfully resurrected, but the subsequent flashbacks reveal that he's seen it all before. yen's character is a loose conglomeration of several of his past incarnations in the film. we see him as an action hero in the '70s, and also as the very serious, no-nonsense boss in a yakuza outfit. it's a gimmick that's been done to death, and one that doesn't work in the least for donnie yen.

special id is a heavyweight in the martial arts realm. donnie yen returns to contemporary action with the visual treatments and stunts that have made him one of the most well-known actors in the martial arts genre. the story follows an assassin who's called back to face his past after discovering something he wishes he'd never seen. yen plays an assassin who's trying to escape his past in order to become a family man.


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